5 Signs you'd make an excellent Pilates Teacher

By Bonny-lynn

You’re good at what you do.

You earn a decent living and for the most part, you have some sense of job satisfaction.

But something is missing…

You want to make a difference in people’s lives, have a career that aligns with your truth and life’s purpose, and promote and live a holistic lifestyle.

Then a career in Pilates (yes I said a career…..not just a hobby) may be right for you.

Here are five things you need to consider before pursuing a Pilates career:

1) You love movement:
Joseph Pilates once said that “Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.” You know and value this to be true.
You love movement and are fascinated even watching it. Do you ever find yourself watching an Olympic sport on TV or a dance performance and just find yourself in awe? That’s an excellent sign. As a Pilates teacher, not only will you physically do the Method, but you will be watching others do it…a LOT! So being a movement lover is a must. 🙂

2) You enjoy working with people:
This doesn’t not mean that you’re not an animal lover as well. But until there’s a market for “Pilates for Puppies or kittens” you will be teaching other human beings. 😉
Being a Pilates teacher means that for the most part, your day is spent either one on one or in small groups of people. This can be incredibly rewarding to have a direct impact and influence in other people’s lives. It’s important that you approach this unique relationship with kindness, patience, and compassion. Do NOT become a teacher to feed your own ego or self-importance.
If you’re a nurturer and love helping others, then teaching Pilates will be incredibly rewarding for you.

3) You want to use both sides of your brain:
Teaching Pilates is incredibly multidimensional. Great teachers make it appear so seamless, but in fact, there is a ton of information to process and communicate, which is unique compared to most careers.
On the one hand, Pilates is very systematic. There’s the exercises, the form, order, transitions, anatomy, etc. You need to verbally communicate what you see, analyze movement, and be very detailed and constructive. For the most part, these are “left-brain” functions.

At the same time, Pilates teachers need to expressive, intuitive, look at the entire body as a whole and not just parts, give imagery, rhythmic changes, and creatively adapt student’s lessons based on their learning style, energy and emotions each day. These are “right-brain” functions.
This is happening minute by minute in each Pilates lesson or class. It’s really incredible.


4) You are willing to transform and grow:

Learning to teach well is something that takes time and effort.
Not only do you need to learn the material, but you really need to embody it physically, intellectually, and understand it well so you can apply it and adapt it to meet students needs.
Emotionally, teaching pushes you out of your comfort zone. You need to face the fear of public speaking, being constructively critiqued and given feedback, face self-doubt, etc. But facing these challenges and fears, helps you grow, not only as a teacher, but as a human being.
If you are a life-long learning, enjoy personal development, hungry for knowledge, and hard working, you’ll immensely enjoy the process of learning how to teach Pilates.

5) You want a career that gives you purpose and meaning:
The big picture vision of Pilates was to Return People back to Life!
Joseph Pilates believed that if people were physically balanced in their bodies, they would be more at peace in their minds and spiritually more compassionate to others.
This Method really has a higher purpose. It is not just a series of ab exercises to get you ripped. The physical benefits are really side effects of a much bigger vision.
“If no members of the United Nations can perform my basic five exercises, how can we ever have world peace?” – Joseph Pilates.

On a personal note, creating the Embody School of Pilates was a dream come true. I always liked Pilates, but until I really studied it (over 2000 hours after my dance/kinesiology degree) I never really “got it.” I kinda felt like just an exercise teacher, and it is so much more then that.

I wanted to create a school that was in-depth, comprehensive, Classical, and was really geared towards students wanting to make Pilates their career. I wanted it to be a personally transformative experience, and offer personal development, meditation, energy management, and business training to help students succeed. It had to small group (only 10 students per class) to ensure personal attention and feedback. I wanted to set students up for success.

So if you want to start changing the world through teaching Pilates one student at a time, please check out our licensed and accredited Pilates Training Program.


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