Get the most out of your breath

By Bonny-lynn

When your teacher asks you to exhale deeply in Pilates class, what exactly does that mean?

The average human breaths close to 20 000 times in a 24 hour period. If we strengthen the exhalation (and Pilates is an excellent way to do that), we improve the overall breath mechanism and therefore can increase our lung capacity and oxygen intake.

Benefits of improved breathing include: detoxification of the body, stress relief, pain reduction, mental clarity, improved energy, improved sleep and rest, elevated mood, and the list goes on.

Most of us think that to breath deeply, we need to take a larger inhalation, but if we strengthen the exhalation phase, the following inhale is naturally bigger, deeper, and fuller. Joseph Pilates knew this and it truly is the basis of the method.

“Above all else, learn how to breath correctly, ” quote Joseph Pilates.

It’s interesting that most people come to Pilates to increase their core strength, but the truth is, the greatest change from doing the work, is in the way we breath. The Side effect is that you get a strong core in the process of learning how to strengthen your breathing.

Get the most out of your Breathing

Check out this short 2 1/2 min video (by clicking on the photo above) to learn how Joseph Pilates described it.

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