Meet a grad: Natasha Wilson

By Bonny-lynn

Natasha Wilson, owner of Boutique Pilates & Athletics

Tell us a bit about you and your background?

I come from dance background and I went to the University of Calgary and completed a degree in Kinesiology. Afterwards, I went into the world of strength and conditioning, specifically working with Hockey players and personal training.

I felt as though something was missing from their training. I felt there was something needed that would round out people’s full health, bodies, and fitness and that is how I found Pilates.

Why did you choose to study at the Embody School of Pilates?

I was in Canmore and came across this beautiful studio. When I looked deeper into the program, it seemed like the perfect fit. It was comprehensive, everything was included….it wasn’t a weekend course or one of these “choppy programs.” I loved Bonny-Lynn’s energy and Canmore is such a beautiful place to study. To me, it was the perfect fit.

You were part of the very first class. Can you tell me a little about what life was like as a student?

It was hard, challenging but so wonderful. It’s an intensive program…..not easy by any means. It’s similar to university studies. There are deadlines and exams that you need to be prepared for. It was also a challenge travelling back and forth between Calgary and Canmore but it was so worth it. I’m so happy that I did it. My classmates were amazing, Bonny-Lynn is amazing, Canmore was amazing, it was all amazing! (Laughs)

What was life like after graduation?

It was a little tricky……I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited because as a new grad, you have gained all this knowledge but you have to explore how to incorporate it into what you’re doing, whether it was with my personal training clients or if I was specifically teaching Pilates. I had to find my life path and discover where it was going to take me.

I started incorporating Pilates with my current strength training clients and they loved it so things started to snowball from there. I built up my clientele and experience. I was very fortunate to employed by Embody Pilates which helped me grow a lot, and I continued working in as many different places as I could from Pilates studios, fitness centers, gyms, until I felt ready enough to open my own place.

Tell us about that? We’re really excited and proud of you opening up your own studio?

It’s a small studio located in Northwest Calgary called Boutique Pilates & Athletics. It focused on small group training. There’s a maximum of 3 people in a class and private sessions. I chose this model because not only do I love the personal interaction with people, but I thought it was the best way I could relay my knowledge to people so they could get the most of out their Pilates training and journey. We opened in January 2016, so just a year now (Happy Anniversary!).

I heard you have some exciting growth happening, specifically how you are meeting the needs of your market. Tell us more about that?

I believe the purpose of Pilates is to return you back to life and to me, that means improving your everyday activities, and feeling more pleasure in those activities. My goal is to help someone be happier outside the studio and not necessarily make them a “Pilates guru.”

Feedback I was getting from clients was they loved their Pilates and they understand it when they are doing it at the studio, but weren’t sure if they were incorporating it into their other day activities, specifically their strength training.

With my strength training background, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to incorporate the principles of Pilates into fitness and strength training. So we are introducing Foundational Strength Classes into our programming.

That’s awesome Natasha! Sounds like a perfect fit! Tell us more about where people can find you in Calgary.

Boutique Pilates & Athletics

103A, 502 25th Avenue NW Calgary, Alberta


Should you be inspired by Natasha's journey and interested in becoming a teacher, check out our Embody School of Pilates Teacher-Training Diploma Program.


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