Teaching Tips: the skill set of an awesome teacher

By Bonny-lynn

Most people assume that learning to teach Pilates is "merely" just learning Anatomy and over 500 exercises within the Method.

What to know a secret........

That's the easy part.

The real secret to successful teaching is what you DO with the material, and like most teaching positions, it's all about clear and effective communication.

Let's look at the multidimensional skill set that is going inside your Pilates Teacher's head:

1) A fluent understanding of technique and form: This is not easy to learn as the Method is so large, but knowing the desired form, breath, springs, order, activation, etc does take a huge commitment to learn.

2) Figuring out your Learning Style: Do you relate to imagery or are you more visual? Do you respond well with inclinations in vocal changes and rhythm or do you learn best with hands on techniques?

3) A Keen eye: Your teacher is trained to have an "x-ray like vision" to be able to see your postural tendency and movement strategies when performing the exercises and they'll often ask you to try it in a new way. This can develop into a lesson theme so you leave your session feeling like you really accomplished a new way of moving.

4) Layering information. Overwhelm is a real thing so listen carefully next session to see how your teacher strategically shares cues and insights spread out over repetitions to help guide you deeper into your practice.

5) Hands on/partnering Techniques: Sometimes the best way to learn something is to FEEL it and partnering techniques can communication what many words cannot. Plus it gets you out of your head, processing the information and into feeling it. Highly effective.

6) Safety: You teacher will try his/her best to not only ensure your movement is safe/ healthy for you, but also ensure your work on the apparatus is a safe experience.

7) Rhythm & Flow: A great session should have some flow to it, trying to keep you moving as much as possible. Certain exercises are very effective with rhythmic changes as well so what for those.

8) Personality, humour, inspiration, encouragement: This may be my personal opinion, but I believe Pilates should be fun. You can work hard but enjoy the process and a great teacher can inspire and encourage you to access parts of yourself you didn't know you had.

Of course there is even more skills we could list here, especially character traits such as curiosity, patience, and ability to problem solve and think creatively. But I believe these skills are vital to a teacher and are an integral part of our Teacher-training program.

We're going to look deeper into each of these skills over the upcoming months, but hopefully this gives you a new appreciation and understanding of what your Pilates teacher may be looking at or what is going on inside his or her head. ;)


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