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Bonny-Lynn Russell
Founder, Owner and Teacher-Trainer

Bonny-Lynn Russell is the founder, owner and teacher-trainer of Embody Pilates Studio.
She graduated from the University of Calgary with a collaborative Kinesiology/Fine Art Dance Degree (with Distinction). As a former figure skater who competed at the national level, she has a passion to help clients move and feel their best.
Bonny-Lynn has over 2000 hours of Pilates Teacher Training and has studied the Pilates Method in New York, Toronto, California, and Colorado. She was the first Canadian to have completed the Pilates Master’s Program at the world-renowned Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and continues to study Pilates & the body on a continual basis. She was the first to complete the Pilates Center Master’s Bridge program, granting her the Advanced Teacher-Training Diploma. The Pilates Center is considered the “Harvard School” of Pilates, offering the highest teaching standards and the wisdom of 3 direct lineages of Joseph Pilates. In 2013, she created the Embody School of Pilates, a 12 month Teacher-training program for Classical teachers. It was dream of hers to provide comprehensive Pilates education on Canadian soil and she loves mentoring new, passionate teachers. 
Bonny-Lynn is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance’s International Certification.
A self-proclaimed “Harry Potter Nerd,” you can often catch her proudly teaching in her Hogwart’s School of Wizardry T-shirt. She loves spending time outdoors in the mountains with her husband Allan and son Connor.

Kristi Harper
Manager & Pilates Teacher

Kristi was born in northern Alberta, the eldest in a family of 5 children and grew up in Southern Ontario. She moved to Banff in 2009, intending to stay 6 months, but that clearly didn’t happen. It’s just so beautiful here and she’s been in the Bow Valley ever since!
When she moved to Canmore, she felt like she needed to do something active (this place just does that to you). After trying different things like Pilates, spin classes, running, and going to the gym, she discovered the only one that stuck and she really enjoyed was Pilates. Kristi has always had a thing for dance and movement so it was a natural fit. She loves that it’s constantly challenging you and loves that unreal feeling you get when you do something for the first time.
Kristi enrolled in Embody’s Pilates 101 course for beginners in January 2013 and she was immediately hooked! It was everything she was looking for; she absolutely loved it! She passionately continued with her practice and started looking into teaching Pilates as a Career. She enrolled in the Embody School of Pilates Teacher-Training Program in October 2013 and has been teaching at Embody since September 2014.
Fun facts about Kristi… she’s an avid sports fan! For instance, her dream is to go to all of the ball parks in the MLB and have a hotdog at each of them (because what’s a ball game without a hotdog)?!

Samantha Welsh

Sam has been studying and practicing the Pilates Method since her first introduction in 2003. As a contemporary dancer Sam used Pilates to prevent and recover from injuries; and continues to practice Pilates to remain pain free and support her love of the outdoors. Sam is a graduate from the Advanced Teacher Training program from The Pilates Center with over 2000 hours of practice and training. She has studied various styles and disciplines of Pilates but truly found her power and inspiration in the Classical Method; it’s a joy to witness the feelings of accomplishment through such a demanding method! The rigour and discipline of Pilates reminds her of the systematic and intelligent progression of exercises often found in dance training, and she recognizes the immense potential of using this method for cross-training for many sports and recreation activities. With her extensive performing arts background Sam loves to bring elements of dance and body conditioning to her classes, she enjoys offering complimentary movement elements to her clients. A recent transplant to Canmore, Sam moved from California in December 2018. She has taught in California, Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and more! Sam originally sought out Pilates to “get taller”, and while it hasn’t increased her height it’s kept her spine strong, her posture upright, and remain pain free through all of her outdoor hobbies and activities.

Robyn Gerrie

Robyn was born and raised in Banff, she grew up ski racing and later coached with the same club she raced for. She loves to be active and moving whenever possible and after trying Pilates in search of something different, she was hooked. Her favourite part of Pilates is how strong it makes the body from within, and how capable you feel with that strength. She trained at Embody's School of Pilates and loves the idea of always being a student - there's always more to learn about the body! She loves to travel and has been all over the world, of course the Bow Valley is one of the most beautiful places in her mind. Robyn's goal is to brighten someone's day, and bring a little more positivity into everything!


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