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Becoming a Pilates Teacher can be confusing. Many schools offer a bunch of weekend courses, offering “Mat only” or “Level 1 Reformer” or “Level 2 barrels”, etc. You’re left feeling ill-prepared, always feeling like you’re missing something, and your training seems never-ending.

There’s a simpler way.

Take one year to learn the exercises, anatomy, how to break the material down and develop teaching skills. Feel confident giving therapeutic sessions, working with special populations, and teach mat and all apparatus from Beginner to Advanced Levels. Learn tools to help you thrive as a teacher and create a business and career that you’ll love.

Accreditted and Vocationally Licensed School of Pilates

We are proud to be the First Vocational Licensed and Accredited Pilates Teacher Training Program in Canada. This college level status is the first step towards raising the standard of Pilates education in the country. Our 850 hour Diploma program is completed over a 12 month period. There is a theory component where you’ll learn over 500 plus exercises on all Classical Pilates apparatus and mat and develop the art of teaching over 4 Modules and a Final Retreat. In addition, you'll benefit and learn in the following ways:


Over the course of a 3 day workshop, you'll begin to learn anatomical terms, bones, joints, and basic physiology of the human body. Then you get a chance to get your hands dirty and physically build the body's musculature from the inside out using clay.


There’s an extensive internship including observation, practice teaching, self practice, lessons, and self study hours. This is where you take a "hands on" approach and physically embody the material.


There are 4 written and 4 practical exams during the program to test what you know and bring insight to where you need to grow.


An excellent way to apply what you’ve learned, working with a volunteer client for a set amount of time and writting a final paper about your experience.


You will have an advisor, someone who has been through our program before. They will be your “Guidance Counselors”, to help you learn the material, ask questions, and balance Pilates School with the rest of your life.


15 hours of Practice Teaching alongside an experienced Teacher. This will help clarify the details, ensure you’re keeping you and your clients safe, and help you become the teacher you were meant to be.


Teaching long hours can be draining on your energy unless you learn how to manage it. Learn how to quiet your mind and observe your thoughts in weekly meditation classes.


You will have access to a Virtual Textbook, an online database, video and notes of each exercise. Perfect to help you study anytime, anywhere.

"This was so much more than a course or program. it was an EYE OPENING experience.

I grew so much in the past year as a person and a teacher because of the amazing mentors. I learned more about Pilates then I thought I ever could, bonded with an incredible group of classmates, and got to experience it all in the heart of the mountains. "

- Natasha Wilson, owner Boutique Pilates 

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all enrollment dates have been temporarily postponed. Please email us here if you’d like to be notified on upcoming course dates. Thank-you*

Your Investment

Full Tuition: $6995 Full payment, which includes all education, use of studio for internship hours, online resources, and all examination fees. Students may pay 12 monthly instalments. This option includes a $400 financing fee making the total cost of the program $7395. Student Aid may be available. Embody School of Pilates is a Designated Learning Institution and international students are encouraged to apply.

Additional costs: Lessons are not included in tuition and may be customized based on the students goals and needs for course completion. Students are required to take 150 lessons during their internship: 75 of these lessons must be completed at Embody Pilates and 75 may be taken at an approved studio in the student’s hometown. These will be a combination of mat, equipment, semi-private and private lessons so the cost can vary. Trainee lesson packages are also available at a discounted rate and a detailed breakdown of these packages can be obtained from Embody Pilates. Cost of books is approximately $100 and students may also check out books from the studio library.


It is the student’s responsibility to find accommodations for their stay either for the 10 day modules or on a longer term basis. We do have contacts for hotels and billet/shared accommodations. For longer term rentals, please contact Peka Property Management or Asset West.

A great resource for all visitors planning to stay in Canmore for an extended period of time can be found on the Town of Canmore’s website

How to apply?

Prospective students should be at an intermediate level and pass an admission interview. We are looking for a passion for Pilates, a commitment to helping others, and a willingness to learn. Students should be injury free or have a deep understanding of their body’s capabilities. Due to the intimate and immersive nature of this program, class enrollment is limited to 10 students. Applying for program does not guarantee admission and graduation does not guarantee employment or certification.

.Admission Requirements

1. Submit an application form with a non-refundable $150.00 application fee. Should the student be accepted into the program, this fee will count towards their $500 deposit to reserve their space.

2. Take an practical evaluation with Bonny-Lynn Russell or submit a video of their Pilates execution of the Mat and Reformer repertoire at a strong Level 2. Applicants can obtain a Mat and Reformer Level 2 Practical Evaluation Information Sheet outlining the required repertoire from Embody Pilates Studio for reference.

3. Complete an interview with Bonny-Lynn Russell. The applicant must demonstrate passion for teaching, strong work ethic and willingness to learn.

4. The applicant must be injury free and have adequate knowledge of what her/his body’s capabilities are.

5. Have Canadian Language Benchmark Level if the English language is not the student’s first language. A score of 60-100 on the TOEFL iBT will be accepted or equivalent score on another standardized ESL exam. 

6. Have a High School Diploma or successful completion of a General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

7. Be at least 18 years of age.

Still have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions & Full Academic Policies here and download our Embody School of Pilates Program Brochure PDF below 

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